The Designer


Maria Harris founder of St.Hilaire London

Fashion Career:
Spans over twenty years designing for some of London’s popular Fashion Houses. 
Maria later went on to teach fashion and textile related courses having achieved a CERT ED Post Compulsory Cert at Westminster University London.

A statement from Maria:
 I have long wanted to create a brand that would not just be meaningful to me but one that would be meaningful to many other women who are passionate about their clothing. The big question is “how”?

 I was touched by what was unfolded to me via the research I carried out while studying on a master’s program about sustainable fashion. This is a large and controversial subject which at first I found daunting. However, having gotten over the initial shock of what I discovered,

Particularly regarding landfills and how certain fibers, fashion items and other materials effect these areas, mainly in the third world. I started to think hard about how I could be one of the fashion designers who could contribute to bring about change, no matter how small it’s still a starting point right?

So, what can I do?
My idea thus far has been to firstly think about a woman’s form, crafting shapes and lines fit for “real women” an overused term I agree but appropriate never the less.


All to often I have listened to clients, students’ and friends blame their bodies saying they cannot where the on trend apparel they desire. Truth is it’s not always the case, it is often the cut of fast fashion trends as they are mainly aimed at teenagers or younger women.


I also discovered that It has been scientifically proven that color can enhance ones well-being.
Hence, my colorful natural fiber collection. Which to date incorporates cotton, raw silk and linen that are in some cases combined together in one fashion item, which complement each other in a creative way.
Each line is considerately formed and crafted for women. The style, colors and prints will take you on a journey of well-being to enable you to feel confident as you go about your daily lives.

Natural fibers particularly cotton works with your body, not just for comfort but also to detract the reaction that hot weather climates create. layered up in the winter months works equally well.
Maria Harris